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"... are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians."

H.R.280, the Secure the Capitol Act to ensure that illegal immigrants are not permitted to work within the Legislative Branch.
Currently, all Executive Branch government contractors are required to participate in E-Verify in order to retain their current contracts and to compete for any further contracts. However, Legislative Branch contractors, included those working throughout the Capitol building, are not under the same requirement.
The Secure the Capitol Act would require all companies competing for, or currently holding, a government contract for work within the Capitol Complex to participate in E-Verify, the instantaneous, Internet-based employment verification system administered by the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.
Ask your US Representative to support HR 280

H.R.571, Ensuring Worker Safety Act - Amends the Occupational Safety and Health Act to revise requirements for the Secretary of Labor's continuing evaluation of approved state occupational safety and health plans.
Requires: (1) the review of state plans to include an assessment of whether a state continues to meet certain conditions for the approval of such plans; and (2) the Secretary to determine whether a state that fails to comply substantially with the provisions of a plan should be given the opportunity to remedy such deficiencies. Prescribes general requirements for the provision to a state of such an opportunity.
Requires the Comptroller General periodically to review and assess: (1) whether state plans to develop and enforce safety and health standards are at least as effective as federal occupational safety and health (OSHA) program standards in preventing occupational injuries, illnesses and deaths, and investigating discrimination complaints; (2) the effectiveness of the Secretary's oversight of such plans; and (3) the adequacy of the Secretary's investigations in response to Complaints About State Plan Administration (CASPA) as well as whether policy issues have been identified and corrective actions fully implemented by each state.
Ask your US Representative to support HR 571






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